Why business interruption cover isn’t set and forget

05 November, 2020

  Why business interruption cover isn’t set and forget   Circumstances change, and change can be unpredictable. These lessons have certainly been driven home in 2020. The idea insurance cover can automatically rollover at renewal is not always correct.   “Policies being rolled over year after year become stale because, particularly in this environment, what […]

Business interruption insurance explained

20 February, 2020

Business interruption insurance: what is and isn’t covered?   The Australian summer continues to keep insurers and brokers on their toes. From the bushfires which ravaged so many parts of the country to wild storms along the east coast, these events have affected the ability of many businesses to trade as normal.   Once again, […]

Bushfires and business interruption

02 February, 2020

Business interruption cover such as IUA Interruption Insurance*, which provides for weekly payments, have meant that bushfire-affected businesses on the NSW South Coast haven’t had to wait long to have their claims paid.   Having this safeguard has been important in helping affected businesses to stay afloat, even amidst sizeable interruptions. Regular payments allow them […]