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Since 1987, IUA has been helping businesses protect against temporary setbacks, with quality business interruption insurance.

As business interruption specialists, we understand what’s important when it comes to getting through an interruption to trade. So we’ve created a product that offers some of the best cover on the market, designed to meet your clients’ needs and expectations.

We understand that business is all about relationships – between brokers and underwriters, and between you and your clients. So we offer personal service that supports you in providing your clients with cover they can rely on to help them when things don’t go to plan.

Our history

Going back into our history provides an insight into the rationale behind our coverage. Interruption Underwriting Agencies (IUA) was started by Harry Dickinson Snr in 1987. This followed his career as a claims adjustor specialising in business interruption insurance.

The premise of IUA has always been to simplify the whole process of business interruption insurance (BI) for all involved, namely the brokers, client, underwriters and adjustors – to offer an easy to understand and responsive policy which is considered a industry leading product.

Apart from being a cash flow policy agreeing to pay claims weekly, our most significant innovation was the inclusion of an agreed Insured Rate of Gross Profit (GP%).

The use of these percentages has simplified how we arrange the financial aspects of your client’s policy and begins with the client simply providing their current Business Turnover. The percentage is used to calculate the cover and forms the basis of settlement in claims. IUA’s underwriting philosophy is about agreeing to the methodology of the claim payment at the inception of the policy, it has also sought to make it easier for your client to recover after an interruption by having Additional Benefits with no time deductible.

Our partnerships

Powered by Lloyds

Underwritten by Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s

Claims by LMI

Australia wide and international claims handling by LMI (Loss Management International)

Strength of the Steadfast Group

The IUA worksheet

One thing that sets us apart is our IUA worksheet, which sets out everything you need to know about the cover your client receives, including:

  • How cover is calculated
  • When we’ll pay
  • How the claim will be calculated

The worksheet is part of our contract with you – and a valuable resource to use with your client.


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